Melanie Hamrick’s Boat Don’t Float

Mick Jagger is a smart, smart man. He was not finna let Melanie uggo Hamrick get on Leonardo DiCaprio’s boat and embarrass him. Imagine her standing next to Arabella Chi. Arabella was there. I’m in tears at these side by sides. In the words of Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race, “Your boat ugly, that boat don’t float.” Melanie the stalker, rapist, murderer, is the boat in this case. She only looks mildly attractive standing next to old men and Sally Wood. Those bitches dusty. She couldn’t stand next to me, Noor, L’wren Scott, his Brazilian girlfriend, Jerry Hall still hotter than her, I mean the list goes on.

I would kick those kids out of my will too if they thought this was the best I could do and I’m Mick Fucking Jagger. He gave y’all everything, including access to opportunity. Y’all don’t love or respect him. Neither do the fake fans or fake friends, anyone who thought he would choose her is a fucking poserrrr. You don’t know Mick, that’s why I’m the Hackney Diamond cover. It’s an insult to his wealth and everything he’s built. Melanie you sold you soul to still not be one of the beautiful people. You should have spent that child support on surgery, too late now, you won’t need it since you’re prison bound. Wow satan really played you, I’ll donate hairbrushes for that rats nest wherever you’re going. Via: Daily Mail, Force1Mgmt, Nature Public Uk, Babez_World_Wide,