How I Felt Vs. How He Feels

On my explore page. I didn’t see an old man I saw someone who saved me, someone I thought was beautiful his entire life. Only he can heal his insecurities. After the life he’s lived he’s lucky to be alive, especially when Melanie gave him that heart problem to begin with. I’ve volunteered at senior citizen homes many times. I’ve watched elderly people have difficulties doing simple tasks: bending down, walk, memory loss…things Mick Jagger can do with a full head of hair to boot. Instead of seeing how miraculous he is, he let’s an ageist society and a black magic freak deplete his confidence. It’s sad, but self-love comes from within. Peep the nostril in the last two photos again: grew up poor in Virginia, wasn’t the star ballerina, has no social connections before Mick Jagger (like many who had so much to say about me aha), has no personality, no style, no body and even with Mick she couldn’t get the same attention all the others got, because she failed to be the one thing women are suppose to be, beautiful. This is why her career opportunities were limited, this is why she did what she did. Do you get signs in your life? If not it’s because you’re vibration is low. Via: Miss Thang510