Moon Phases For Spell Work

What a perfect time to post this. Right after Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory, where multiple articles discuss the full moon. As I said in Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon, each phase corresponds to specific spell work, with the full moon being the most powerful. It can be used for anything as the last dash shows. Melanie used love magick to glamour Mick Jagger via February’s full moon, and a black magic spell for L’Wren Scott’s in March of 2014. This is standard. It doesn’t change. Science and magic are two sides of the same coin, it’s chemistry, there are rules to what goes with what. A spell is just a formula. It’s been passed down for a reason. Duh.
Melanie looks like an evil, ugly witch in a fairytale (the chin, nose, dark circles under the eyes, thin lips, obsessed with youth and beauty; she’s the evil witch in Snow White), the rest of us look like beautiful princesses. It couldn’t be more obvious. Believing doesn’t change that it exist, it just leaves you unprotected. Prey, to satanist like Melanie uggo Hamrick. Via: RoxxWitched