New Years Like A Witch And Manifest

This was the first year I actively practiced my purpose in the craft, consistently, with intention. It paid off. Twenty twenty two was a roller coaster, my best year yet. I rose like a fucking phoenix after being burned. I closed out so many cycles, ended copious soul contracts, rose into my power, ended the year debt free (after Mick Jagger increased my credit card limit, ran up the bill and removed his card like the psychopath abuser he is) and set myself up for generational wealth. Here are some ways to set yourself up for the upcoming year. Remember whatever you do keep the magic to yourself, other people’s intentions and energy can interfere and ruin what you’re trying to do. Via: Gaelic_Witch

Goodbye Twenty Twenty Two

Happy New Year

We are infinite souls, here to experience finite time. Duh, that’s why we celebrate it’s passing: New Year’s, birthday’s, solstices, savings, seasons changing…only able to experience it with these bodies. Look at how it leaves it marks us until our time is up. How you spend your time and who you spend it with is important and can bless or block you, remember that as you go into the new year. Karmic’s aren’t just lovers, but friends. What did you learn this year? How are you going to do next year differently? Photographer: Julian Song (@juliannn_song)