The Affirmation Sweet Spot

Show yourself some love by picking a self-concept affirmation. Resetting your mind to be positive is incredibly hard, but practice makes perfect, keep going. Eventually you’ll come to a place where you control your inner voice, filtering out what’s creating a negative reality from beneficial constructive criticism. Always excepting or preparing for the worst, manifests it. You have to find the sweet spot. That balance between being realistic and faith in what you want achieve. Choose the affirmation you need most. Via: Queen Manifests

New Years Like A Witch And Manifest

This was the first year I actively practiced my purpose in the craft, consistently, with intention. It paid off. Twenty twenty two was a roller coaster, my best year yet. I rose like a fucking phoenix after being burned. I closed out so many cycles, ended copious soul contracts, rose into my power, ended the year debt free (after Mick Jagger increased my credit card limit, ran up the bill and removed his card like the psychopath abuser he is) and set myself up for generational wealth. Here are some ways to set yourself up for the upcoming year. Remember whatever you do keep the magic to yourself, other people’s intentions and energy can interfere and ruin what you’re trying to do. Via: Gaelic_Witch