The Affirmation Sweet Spot

Show yourself some love by picking a self-concept affirmation. Resetting your mind to be positive is incredibly hard, but practice makes perfect, keep going. Eventually you’ll come to a place where you control your inner voice, filtering out what’s creating a negative reality from beneficial constructive criticism. Always excepting or preparing for the worst, manifests it. You have to find the sweet spot. That balance between being realistic and faith in what you want achieve. Choose the affirmation you need most. Via: Queen Manifests

Small But Mighty Monday

My pseudo ex-stepson used to say “I may be small, but I am mighty.” Can’t recall the movie he got it from, but he said it so often it stayed with me. It’s unconsciously become an affirmation of mine.
While my ex-stepson was referencing his physicality, I use the saying when taking action to better the world. I implore you to do the same. Show the world what you’re made of, you aren’t too small to make a difference. Via: An Anxiety Thing

Pick A Morning Affirmation

Affirmations work. What you tell yourself about you shapes your reality. Oftentimes we say negative affirmations automatically, maybe without even noticing. Keep track of your thoughts. Tell yourself something good. Pick a morning affirmation, or make one up. Via: Janet Counsellor

Butterfly Affirmation For The Week

Affirmations are powerful, since thoughts shape your reality. Try it, pick an affirmation from above, or one you create yourself. Then, then, say it once a day for the rest of the week, or month and note how your world changes. Keep track of the big and/or small ways your mantra works, regarding how you feel about yourself, your goals, manifestations. For example if you choose “I am guided,” tracks signs be it reoccurring animals, numbers, symbols, dreams… Via: Eclectic WitcheryUK

“I Am” Affirmations

Say it, feel it, mean it. You have to believe in your affirmations to give life to them. Which zodiac sign means I am? What else can you add? Via: Female Positivity