Peace Is Worth It

Change is scary, people are willing to stick with toxicity to avoid it. Why? Because you’ve survived this long navigating the world you know, the people in it, routine feels like security. Another reason people turn away from healing, preferring the comfort of their void, believing it the only way to exist. But when you start making difficult necessary changes peace will be found and not that erratic come and go kind. All the people, places and things I’ve left behind were well worth it. I no longer feel uneasy leaving a room so vapid people can gossip and when the next friend leaves tries to get me to ill talk them. I don’t have to dumb myself down, because they refuse to grow, I don’t question my worth based on adults acting like teenagers and I don’t have to blur my boundaries to make room for their inimical, toxic behavior. Most of all that empty feeling, a deep well of dejection as I wallowed in low vibrational energy is gone. Are you still searching for serenity, but too afraid to leap into the unknown? How much more desolation will you endure before you put yourself first? What do you need to leave behind? Via: Sarcastic Chickss