Sarah Jessica Parker X L’wren Scott

A true blue friend. Knowing what happened to Lwren Scott, because of the disgusting, deformed and desperate Melanie Hamrick, Sarah Jessica Parker honored her by rocking her dress on the SATC reboot. She is wearing a Lwren design on the Just Like That set Oct 27th 2021. I will be posting Melanie’s other accounts and she’s still been harassing Catherine pretending to be Ronnie Wood. SPJ I didn’t think it possible to love you more, you proved me wrong. Thank you, I vowed to get justice for her and it will be served, that’s why she came to me. Melanie’s deal with the devil came to light for that exact purpose her and the boy are roaming Earth in their final days. What goes around comes around. Everything she did to Lwren will come back to her and hers times ten. Via: Just Like That Closet & Calle Perry 66

Shame On You, Shame On Me

The conundrum with second chances. Am I right?

Via: Sex And The City Best

A Busy August 2021

Updating is hard to do right now, this is an incredible busy month and I’m exhausted beyond belief. There’s too much going on at once, but I don’t have time for a breakdown. How’s August going for you? Via: American Witch 13