Take Precaution With Your Energy

Energy is everything, if you’re stupid enough to give it to the wrong people, after all you’ve seen you deserve what you get. I do despise stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, if you can’t pay attention it’s your life, your kids, your significant other, your career, your fate that’s affected and in your hands. But really mine. I assure you I don’t feel bad.
FYI part of me not liking stupid people is thanks to my high school, talking to an expired friend we realized the stupid people were looked down upon. One person got kicked out for it. It’s like Darwinism isn’t it though? Only the strong i.e intelligent survive. I digress. Careful with your energy and if certain people are truly your friends, why do they put you in distressing positions? What types of nouns (people, places and things) do you need to rethink pouring energy into? Via: Selenite.Soul8