Pyper America Is The Shit

To all the cheapskates I’ve served over the years: Kelly Rowland (read Kelly Rowland And Lala Anthony Are Trash), Christian Siriano, Stella Maxwell (read Stella Maxwell My Most Annoying Guest), Wayne Brady (you aren’t terrible, but you aren’t great, it’s the low end of mid-tier tipping, still love you Wayne), this is how you do it. Pyper America (real surname Smith) is gorgeous, sweet and a fucking lady. That’s almost 50%. I don’t remember if I told you, but I loved Beverly Hills Mom. Bring it back! Bring it back! Let me go through something’s to see if I still Kelly’s. If you can’t tip properly, don’t go out to eat. It’s classless. Cook & serve your goddamn self instead. Via: Jaquana Cornelius

Chanel Iman, My Most Regular Regular

Listen, what you’re not going to do is come for Chanel Iman, both her and soon to be ex-husband Sterling Shepard were regulars at Miss Lily’s. Chanel more so than Sterling, I can’t think of a time she was there and I didn’t serve her. That being said, I’m all for chivalry except when Sterling dined with us. Literally they would both reach for the bill, with him winning every time and my stomach would drop, because Chanel tips PROPERLY and he doesn’t. We were lucky to get 10% and he wasn’t above leaving coins and crumbled ass dollar bills. Whereas Chanel left 20% and above thank you very much. So with all due respect Mama Shephard, you’re lucky she’s the mother of your grandchildren, she’s drop dead gorgeous, has class, is humble and well-mannered. Traits she’ll pass down to those kids, leave that woman alone, especially since Sterling is perpetuating a stereotype of black people being bad tippers. Chanel you were always a joy and my most regular, regular.
TIP YOUR SERVERS AND SERVICE WORKERS PROPERLY, OR DON’T GO OUT, IT’S CALLED ETIQUETTE. Unless it was poor service, then tip accordingly, don’t reinforce low quality work. Via: Chanel Iman Insta