Were Not Really Strangers

“So say something.”
“Say something.”
“No. I know she’s not gonna care.”
“You don’t know that.”
“I do. You’re forgetting I actually know this person.”
“No you don’t, you don’t know what she’s been through in the past year, week, or day. Just like she doesn’t know all you’ve been through since the last time she’s seen you.”

Lala wanted to comment on a cringeworthy post a former co-worker made, whose dominating traits include but are not limited to: cynicism, hateration, ignorance and myopic thinking. It was another crab in the barrel remark aimed at black people, specifically Beyonce. In the end I convinced her to speak her mind, resulting in our old cohort rescinding her statement. In the past she for sure would have been combative towards Lala, but in a turn of events she acknowledged her error.

In 18 minutes:
-People are born and die.
-You could have your identity stolen.
-You could witness a miracle.
-You could have a near death experience.
-You could experience the best orgasm of your life.
-You could gain life changing clarity.
-You could finish a book.
-You could make your first business profit.
-You could come into a windfall of money.

Lives are built and shattered every second, so don’t sell anyone’s evolution short. Would you want someone to dismiss the changes you’ve made? I for one am not close to the person seasonal people remember me as.

Who were you a year ago? Name three ways you’ve evolved.