What Self Love Actually Is

Self love is essential. You’re happy with who you are until being bombarded with your imperfections, and other peoples criticisms. When it’s constructive take it, but there are toxic people who will use it to belittle you. For power, for control. Your self-love acts as a barrier of protection, for what’s acceptable treatment towards you and what’s not. Otherwise you’re pouring from an empty cup, to fulfill someone else’s needs.

Loving ones self is being preached from soap boxes, because few people possess this quality. One crucial to your physical and mental health. When I didn’t love myself I loathed being alone, I nit-picked everything about myself, I went out of my way to do for others who wouldn’t do for me. Accepting who I am made happiness a consistent state of being, removing a void I attempted to fill with substance abuse.

The biggest struggle was forgiving myself, especially for things that weren’t my fault and retraining negative thinking. Good things would happen for me, because I’m worthy of them. Which slice of the self-love pie do you need to work on this week? Via: Lyfchngr