Dear Wendi Murdoch…

Thank you for taking care of business. I knew involving you would remove Rupert Murdoch from Jerry Hick Hall’s bimbo influence. One thing I know, when it comes to your children, your namesake, you don’t play. Made obvious when you punched that guy for attacking Rupert in court (fucking major). Protecting your family is second nature.
Unlike Priscilla Chan and Crystal Minkoff, you love being Chinese. That’s why I told that big face, small brained bimbo Georgia May Jagger, your kids were safe. I can’t imagine how they felt when their father participated in spreading Asian hate. Donald Trump blamed COVID on the Asian community, which he blanketed as Chinese. A noxious belief from a vile creature.

Powerful men don’t play you (feminist icon), so I knew some idiot from the sticks wouldn’t. Below you’ll find the text where Mick Jagger says I’m the greatest witch he’s been with, because Jerry is indeed a witch. She had Rupert doing her bidding for a man she’s still in love with, over a weirdo who raped him. The false pretense being she’s doing it for her kids. Desperate, pathetic Jerry.

If I were you, I’d renegotiate that divorce settlement. All she did was ruin his life and embarrass him. Who knows what witchcraft she put on him to cloud his judgement. Losing all rational and logic for an ugly girl (Melanie Hamrick the murderer), who disdains your family and theirs. You were gifted with both brains and beauty, unlike any of the aforementioned women. A queen.
Sidenote: searching for this message, I came across a really sweet one from Mick to me. I’ll post it in a different article. He was such a supportive fiancé before his gross family got involved. That’s why they inherit NOTHING, as they deserve. Xoxo Athena. Via: Alexa Rodulfo