Healers Aren’t Doormats

Straight like that.

Like I’m here to help, but I’m not the one. I didn’t want people to be afraid of me, but I’m over that now. Beltane has left me tired and powerful. Energy uploads can be exhausting. Must have been those good old epigenetic codes of being a woman and black I shed. Hello, hi, I’ve arrived, bring it on. I’m detached from the full compassion that makes me give endless chances. Want a deal you come to me, your life depends on it not mine, so if I offer you one, take it. Also, I’m no longer repeating myself, if I told you once, I told ya twice, wanna play? Try your luck if you’re foolish. I already did all the work. Fate is fate and I’m happy af. Everything coming to me I deserve. Blessings be for daddy.
Seriously though, healers can help or do the opposite. Never take someone’s kindness for weakness, for they are kind, because they know they can destroy you. Via: Empath Essentials

What Witches Really Are, Prague & Celeb Satanists

Divine guidance is a blessing. One time at the beginning of the pandemic I lost faith and the universe stopped guiding me. I freaked out as it was for an entire two hours. When my faith was restored listening to a podcast regarding it, that you must believe before you see anything, the divine returned.

Shortly after stating Prague was on my mind I got a sign it’s where I must go. There is something waiting for me there, I do not yet know what. Something witchy for sure. One of their traditions is burning witches, not literal ones anymore, but pyres. It’s a Beltane practice to mark the warding off of evil spirits and negativity. Marking the end of hardships with the abundance of Spring. I wonder if I’m meant to go where witches are misunderstood and mistreated. Please look at the first photo and know witches are not satanist. Stop confusing the two.

Everything I said is coming to pass. Virgil Abloh is the beginning of many young deaths affiliated with the Kardashian Jenner West coven. You do not know when your sunsets, I’ve said time and time again. Those aligned with that coven and Melanie Hamrick, the darkest black magic practitioners will join them in hell. The blood moon was everything. My blessings, my reign, I want you to pay attention. Via: Moon Mystic Goddess & North East Tarot