Co-Existing With Self

Easier said than done. Accepting yourself is hard to do, there are parts we repress or don’t address due to the pain it causes. Push through it. I can’t stress enough that we are all imperfect, that is the the definition of being human, we err. Stop comparing yourself to someone else, they lack things you have and vice versa. Which is why we need one another. Instead, focus on what you need to do to be greater than the old you (ten years ago, one year ago, a week ago, yesterday, this morning).

Right now I need to work on realistic time management, somewhere in my head I truly believe I can do one million things at once. The reality is I need to accept my limitations and focus on one thing at a time. Also my daily meditation has fallen by the wayside during this pandemic. Prior I meditated without fail every single day. At first I was angry that I hadn’t been as rigorous with my practice, but hey, we need to allow flexibility in all the things we do. Now I appreciate it more, making it a habit again solidifies how vital it is to my spiritual wellbeing. Meditation grounds me, making me more efficient.

What do you accept about yourself today and what are you working on? Start anywhere even if it’s a small baby baby step, any movement in the direction of your evolution counts. Maybe you want to reduce your meat intake and increase your veggies, maybe you want to journal once a week, maybe you want to walk 10,000 steps. It all matters. Via: 5am Girl