Category Is: Rockstars In Whitish Furs

Summer is GONE! No more tanning, no more skimpy outfits, no more open toe shoes and bikini’s, everyday we’re a step closer to the cold. Winter is coming. I’ve spent many winters of my youth at Hotel Chelsea, when it was residential and my big breasted German friend Alix lived there. It was as iconic as reputed. I knew I was fortunate then and I know it now. Which rockstar works their kind of white furs the best tho? Via: Luvv Jones_ ,70’s Daily & 27._Club

It’s October The 3rd

His and hers putting the extra in extravagance. Double whammy, it’s Saturday and ‘it’s October the 3rd’. Which one is your favorite? Via: Peace N Rock N Roll & Matthew Burditt Photography