Style With Jordan Tupak

No idea what this man does, but his style is solid. Of course he’s French, meaning even when his clothes are loose they’re still tailored to perfection. Jordan Tupak’s style is fluid, saturated and a look head to toe. Most of his outfits are suit like, as in the tops match the bottoms and the colors are the same, he’s not that print mixy. The fits are curated perfectly, he even makes it acceptable to wear socks with sandals in look four, which again all the colors are matched, the cloud to the pearl necklace, the hat/glasses/socks all pink with the blue sweater to pants.
Look five he plays with the safety pin belt accessory to the paper clip bracelet, with the lines of the Dior sweater pairing perfectly with the lines of the pants. I can’t even get into the lime green anarchy aesthetic DOWN TO THE BEARD and oversized Canadian tuxedo flex. He’s not wearing designer for designer’s sake, streetwear debonair. Which look is your favorite? Via: Jordan Tupak Instagram

Why “Kiss” By Prince Is The Sexiest Video Ever

First of all he looks fine in a crop top, that showcases his toned arms and rock hard abs. Both him and the guitarist are styled to t in androgynous, gender fluid, glamour. This pair should be a Halloween costume.

Prince is so fine, so sexy, the guitarist can’t even keep it together. She’s literally biting her lip she’s so aroused.

Minute 2:35, when Prince does this dance that screams stamina. Is anyone else pregnant?

Taking the lead in the dance routine, like the rockstar he was. Raw animal magnetism, high alpha daddy vibes.

Words aren’t necessary. The epitome of sexy.