Peep This: Pastel Ombré Drip

This is how you make pleated khaki’s street chic. A pastel ombré sweater coordinated down to the socks (very into the cross body purse). Adore this look. Hate it or love it? Via: Dan Clemt

Style With Jordan Tupak

No idea what this man does, but his style is solid. Of course he’s French, meaning even when his clothes are loose they’re still tailored to perfection. Jordan Tupak’s style is fluid, saturated and a look head to toe. Most of his outfits are suit like, as in the tops match the bottoms and the colors are the same, he’s not that print mixy. The fits are curated perfectly, he even makes it acceptable to wear socks with sandals in look four, which again all the colors are matched, the cloud to the pearl necklace, the hat/glasses/socks all pink with the blue sweater to pants.
Look five he plays with the safety pin belt accessory to the paper clip bracelet, with the lines of the Dior sweater pairing perfectly with the lines of the pants. I can’t even get into the lime green anarchy aesthetic DOWN TO THE BEARD and oversized Canadian tuxedo flex. He’s not wearing designer for designer’s sake, streetwear debonair. Which look is your favorite? Via: Jordan Tupak Instagram

Burberry B Series

Riccardo Tisci at the helm of Burberry. I love these B series bags. If a BDSM harness and a fanny pack had a baby this, this would be it. Sophisticated menswear. These bags are made from “nylon yarn using regenerated fishing nets,” sustainable fashion (is important b/c fashion is the second most wasteful industry). The B series is available at noon on St. Patrick’s Day, the limited release will only be sold on instagram that day. Love it or leave it? Photos: Riccardo Tisci

Style With ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky might be the male version of Rihanna, it’s ugly until he wears it. Point and case outfit number 2, nothing tailored, mixed patterns and seemingly garish animal patches (the stuff of acid trips) on his jeans. Yet it comes off as this fused mixture of effortless cool, gender fluid, hobo chic. The fluid nature of his style with the feminine prints, blouses and pearl accessories is subtle and exquisite. He also rocks fabrics you wouldn’t normally put together (silk orange chemise with a cargo pant), the epitome of style. Super versatile. Which style is your favorite? Photos: Asap Rocky Daily and Asap Rocky Fashion

Chalamet Chic Baby

I was minding my entire business, when Timothée Chalamet personally attacked me with his glow up. He’s always been beautiful, but his swag level is heading off the charts. His clothes are so chic, edgy and well thought-out, as demonstrated in the second look. The red checkered pattern on the pant, the black leather cuff of the jacket (inverse of colors), bring the blazer and pant together. He plays with gender fluidity in the manner of a subtle dandy, the billowy blouse, the diaphanous sweater. Details darling. C’est maqnifique. Photos: VMAN Magazine, Getty Images and Entertainment Weekly

Paint Splattered Tuxedo

Oscar nominated actor and real life sweetheart, Timothée Chalamet rocking a paint splattered Canadian tuxedo. Ripped directly from the runway of designer Sterling Ruby. A vision, so cool, edgy and aloof. Photo: Khitam Jabr

Luka Sabbat Style Icon

My fellow Haitian. One of the most stylish people on the planet. He grew up equally in New York City and Paris, which is a killer fashion combination. It means he’s edgy and chic, punk rock and tailored. Look how he makes something as bleak, as that gray American flag ensemble, look exquisite. Photos: Luka Sabbat