The OOG’s Of The O.C

Wait a minute, wait a minute, we need to run it back to the OOG’s of The O.C. This show is the reason we have The Real Housewives franchise to begin with (Andy Cohen I can’t quit you), let me school you hoes. Everybody and they mama, literally my mom and sister, watched this show. It was pure magic and probably one of the last times episodes were real time events. Missing it meant spending the next day jamming your fingers into your ears, chanting a discouraging motto -I don’t wanna hear it, lalalalalalala- or making unintelligible sounds to avoid spoilers at all cost.

When Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) and Kristen Cohen (Kelly Rowan) appeared on screen, the world went DAYUM I didn’t know they make mama’s like that, which is revolutionary. For once the older women were the sexy ones in ageist, sexist Hollywood. The viewers were so enthralled with these cougars Andy Cohen created the Real Housewives, sating the American audience and changing pop culture forever. Not to say Marissa “Coop” Cooper (Mischa Barton) and Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) weren’t serving it, these two were literally everywhere, especially ESMS alum Mischa who became a fixture on the Hollywood party scene. The show jumped the shark when she left, breaking millions of hearts including mine, but let’s reminisce on some of the other things it gave us:

  • Reintroducing Chrismukkah: the combination of Christmas and Hanukkah, Google the term and Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) is the poster boy.
  • Seth Cohen: the hottest nerd EVER, you can’t understand the true love of Adam Brody and Leighton Meester’s marriage until you watch this show. Two iconic, beloved characters being soulmates irl, thank you universe.
  • Olivia Wilde: easily her breakout role, so stunning you couldn’t take your eyes off her, even as a side character. Barton and Wilde were major for bringing some LGBTQIA representation in this piece.
  • Music: so epic were the soundtrack’s to each episode, songs featured were listed, downloaded and immediately topping charts. I sang along to Phantom Planet’s “California” with glee and Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” still kills me to this day, damn you Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Marissa, ugh I can’t.
    Rooney, you know the vibe.

Needless to say Josh Schwartz is a genius who also gave us Gossip Girl and sparked another genius. If you don’t understand the level of stress Oliver gave us, did Julie just bone her daughter’s ex boyfriend drama, who Seth Cohen was gonna end up with, will Ryan save Marissa in time blues, then you need to stream The O.C on HBO MAX. You never know who you’re going to spark with your work. You gonna watch or nah? Via: ThX OC