Full Moon Tonight Queen Witch Shit

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who’s the most powerful witch of them all?
So it is
Mote it be
I took your powers
Bitch it’s me.

I think it’s funny when people think their spells are going to work against fate, against me. The full moon can’t save you love. The time has come, it’s karmic season, your time is done.

Via: Pure Witchy

A Gangster And A Goddess

I use to hang with bloods in ninth grade and ABI, the Albanian gang, cc: Julia Fox. We really were just so wild. I pray my kids aren’t my karma. Not the point of this post, everything I said is happening. I’m about that life, if you think I’m not you got me fucked up. Told you so, I’m not someone to mess with. I give so much time, because once it’s up so is my compassion, and I will come down on you with the full wrath of the Gods. Trust me I’m wrathful. I want and will have revenge. Duh, I’m a war Goddess. Pay attention. It’s karmic season. All that surrounds the Kardashian Jenner West and Melanie Hamrick alignments are death, loss, and destruction. Via: Gothic Away