Self Care: Zen Out, Or Do Nothing

Maybe you zen out, maybe you do nothing but rest and stuff your face all day, both are forms of self-care. One is spiritual enhancement, the other is resetting from burning out by doing nothing.We all need a day off to take care of ourselves. You can also switch it up, depending on what you need in that moment. How do self-care? When was the last time? Artist: Lainey Molnar

A Woman’s Place…

Is wherever she wants it to be. Women are people with different goals and ideals pertaining to how we want to live our life. Stop putting pressure on us to fulfill roles set by the patriarchy, deeming us useless if we can’t meet your societal standards/deadlines. Stop asking women when they are going to get married or have children, like it’s an obligation. How about do you want instead. Better yet mind your business. Women have the right to choose. Are you someone who pressures women to fit into societal stereotypes? Are you a woman being harangued about your life decisions? Artist: Lainey Molnar