Alvin Braggs Isn’t Competent

Not only am I suing, but I WILL be launching an investigation into Alvin Braggs. Between Trumps investigation and this one, he screams Uncle Tom, corruption, funny business. Everything happens for a reason and as a goddess I’m gonna be on that ass. Him, The Legal Aid Society (I didn’t get a lawyer, because I didn’t need one, now I am and Melanie will have to pay for it as the losing, lying, party), & Detective Gustavo are on my to do list. Thanks for handing me money. I’ve wanted retribution from my first wrongful arrest in 2013. There is no excuse for their behavior, except they thought I was a dumb nigger, or a mammy, despite “investigating” me. Looks like careers are over. I saw Detective Gustavo’s name on many papers, how many other investigations have you botched with misconduct? I’ll find out and you will pay for it all. Something is…off…I feel it in my bones. Let this be an example, anyone who aligns with Melanie Hamrick is hell bound and doomed. I don’t even think the detective can afford a lawsuit. Welp. Next time DO YOUR JOB. Melanie committed perjury, that’s a felony, the detective and district attorneys office failed to disclose exculpatory evidence (despite subpoenaing my account and my public documentation of her stalking me). She went back and you still failed to do your due diligence, AFTER I told you what was going on. No, no, no, this will not do. I hate stupidity and corruption. That’s why I don’t like Rupert Murdoch, because something tells me he has everything to do with the Trump investigation being canned. I’ll find out one way, or another. I always do. Even if he gave me the moon I wouldn’t save him from hell and who did he marry? What have I said about that dingbat family (besides I shouldn’t have saved their lives)? Time to clean house. Via: City And State NY