Bringing Your Fears To Fruition

I kept getting tarot cards on my explore page saying the answer is in a book. An avid reader I was like which one? Mind you many of them have referenced Greek Gods & Goddess, swear! I didn’t understand until I took a epsom bath and meditated. That’s when I had my epiphany, fear. In the last series of A Discovery Of Witches trilogy, protagonist Diana Bishop realizes the Goddess Diana (Artemis my baby) told her to let go of something. That’s when she realized it was fear. Fear of her extraordinary power, fear of failing, fear of everything. I didn’t realize how much I let this emotion rule my life, tint my worldview. Even when I have nothing to fear, I worry. Granted after all I’ve been through it’s valid. Still, you manifest your thoughts and it’s important I don’t allow the worst to happen. Part of it is definitely rooted in epigenetics, as a black person, as a woman, from my worry wart mother.
I notice it in the way my body tenses automatically, because emotions and energy are stored in your physical being (release it with yoga).

Even though I closed out my last tumultuous karmic cycle, the abundance showing, I still didn’t trust. In that moment I decided to let it go, down the drain with the soiled water. This is no way to live. My self-doubt, my what if’s, are blocking my happiness, preventing me from seeing, or enjoying all the good rushing in. Are you bringing your fears to fruition? Free yourself, combat this negativity until it’s your frame of mind. Via: Matthew Zaremba