Prague…It’s Getting Creepy

Literally I couldn’t make this up! Suddenly in my book what comes up Prague! What do they reference? The burning of witches. Divine guidance is leading me there for some piece of fate. The signs are screaming it. What karmic magic awaits me? Via: Deborah Harkness

Drawing On The Elements Sans Studying

“…shared her disdain for witches like me who could draw on the elements without any careful study of the witch’s craft tradition.”

Even the art I absorb is divinely guided. Between this book and the universal signs studying has become priority. Knowledge is power, soon I’ll have my own book of shadows. Diana, the protagonist in A Discovery Of Witches is literally me, trying to live a normal life but fated for something extraordinary, incredibly powerful yet hasn’t had to work at it. What are you naturally gifted with so you put no effort into it? Artist: Osaze Akil

The Theory Of Gravity

“You can try to keep the magic away, but it won’t work, any more than it worked for Robert Hooke or Issac Newton. They both knew there was no such thing as a world without magic.

Hooke was brilliant, with his ability to think through scientific problems in three dimensions and construct instruments and experiments. But he never reached his full potential because he was fearful of the mysteries of nature.

Newton? He had the most fearless intellect I’ve ever known. Newton wasn’t afraid of what couldn’t be seen an easily explained- he embraced it all. As a historian you know that it was alchemy and his belief in invisible, powerful forces, growth and change that led him to the theory of gravity.” Photographer: Partha Nair

A Fable Humans Tell

“Normal’ is a bedtime story- a fable -that humans tell themselves to feel better when faced with overwhelming evidence that most of what’s happening around them is not ‘normal’ at all.”

Artist: Oswenga