Melanie Hamrick Can’t Hang With DiCaprio

Melanie uggo Hamrick is so desperate, she pretends on one of her millions of troll accounts, that she is indeed the mystery brunette with Mick Jagger. Displaying her mental instability and plethora of lies. She goes on about being young and beautiful in her delusional articles people are paid to publish, yet she can’t get a man. Meanwhile Jo Wood, a senior citizen, has a hot younger boyfriend. Jo has always been pretty. Melanie on the other hand can’t get anyone else, she’s ugly. That’s why she’s holding her rape victim hostage, with an unwanted devil baby (Dev, she named him that for a reason, allegiance with how she got him- satanic soul sell). Mick would never choose her (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). That’s why he always has a real girlfriend, Noor, me (his only fiancé), now this Brazilian girl.

Leonardo DiCaprio is just as superficial as Mick, only hangs with hot people. Which is why he wouldn’t allow deformed face Melanie on his boat this summer. What does Mick do? Bring his real girlfriend. Someone who looks good standing next to other attractive women, not just old men. Someone who won’t humiliate him in front of his boys, by lack of pulchritude. The one he followed randomly TWO YEARS AGO (read Melanie Hamrick Is NEVER Mick’s GF). Yet, here’s Melanie on a fan page under fake account Anna Maria Grassani (read Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani), pretending to be his Brazilian boo. I screenshot this September 25th 2023.

As you can see she comments: Mick e Melanie. Like the weirdo loser she was born to be. Do note I was wrong in my response, he does mention her in Angry, reciting “I’m in a desperate state.” Melanie murdering L’wren Scott, whom he loved, forcing her way in his life with black magic and an unwanted murder rape baby, is the state he’s talking about. He hates her so much he kicked his kids out of his will for ruining our relationship, then supporting the person who planned on killing them all.
You’re so gorgeous Mel, why no new boyfriend? Why rape an old man as your third sexual experience? You’re a clown. You aren’t attractive or talented, but somehow entitled. As you can see this pretty face isn’t Melanie the stalker.

When do the lies stop with this mentally unstable nobody? You’re ugly, embarrassing, broke, the source of his despair, going to jail before hell. As you earned (read Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). L’wren, Noor, myself, would have been on that outing. As would all the other women Mick consented to. Your mom like everyone else is realizing, you’re the monkey. You circus freak. Thanks for making me wealthy, enjoy prison. Via: Daily Mail