Melanie Hamrick Wants Sebastian Stan

If you recall my piece Melanie Hamrick Stalks Sebastian Stan, Melanie ugly Hamrick has also been stalking Sebastian Stan. Losing her mind she messaged me from one of her many troll accounts, Angela_Shortt under his photograph on Emmy’s weekend. Mind you this was submitted to court, with my case being dismissed Oct 24th 2022. This fan page MyStaisyHeart is probably Melanie, she then proceeds as Angela Shortt to like only the pictures with Sebastian, or him and Daisy. She in her delusional, mentally unstable mind thinks she favors Daisy Edgar Jones (read Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly).
Sebastian who saved my life from whatever incubus (Mick Jagger’s Incubus Energy) shit Mick was doing to me.
Sebastian, who like Mick, would never look at her.

Unlike me she doesn’t have other options, she’s stuck with what she black magicked raped- a pedophile, a psychopath, a domestic abuser, who Kendall Jenner accurately described (from a troll account) as a slave master. He’s a racist who sees blacks as property and Asians as other, since he helped orchestrate that Rat Soup scandal at Gammeeok. He then got Melanie a ghost writer, because I’m a writer, because he likes to torture women.

Mind you Melanie still looks a mess doused in makeup, but that ugly bitch blessed my life. She wishes she could have someone young, beautiful, not on the way to prison before the grave, someone who isn’t sagging everywhere, as he’s what, her third sexual experience in life…She doesn’t like the Jaggers, not even Mick. Instead she’s obsessed with me and Sebastian.
Mick is getting everything he earned. A mentally unstable, ugly murderer, stalker, rapist, who takes everything away from him due to satanic dealings. They should both be forced to register as sex offenders, since she was going to do the same to me (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me). That’s up to the discretion of my lawyer, who has full power of attorney since I’m in no state with my abused, PTSD addled mind to make decisions properly regarding the matter. That being said, I’m going after his French estate next (explained on my public Facebook, Jaquana Cornelius). I’m going after everything.
Damn, you going to jail for an unattractive person who doesn’t even want you. An old clown. Clink clink. Everything you did is evidence of your abuse, you better take the plea you don’t stand a chance in court for a trial. Via: ItsJqBoo & Sebastian Stan