November Grounding Via Self-Care

Grounding is essential for ridding yourself of negative energy, practicing introspection and being present. As we exit November here are some ways to do so via self-care. Even though it’s cold there is something to be admired in every season, walking outside crisp air stinging my face, I feel alive. Their’s beauty in the cold and I’m not just saying that as a winter baby. Your mind isn’t in the past, nor the future, but the present as you endeavor to maintain warmth in that very moment. It also makes me grateful as suddenly heat in every form is a commodity, I’m fortunate to have boots, a winter jacket, gloves, a scarf. Simple and overlooked until you look a homeless person crying on the subway platform in the face with none of the above, a makeshift cigarette rolled with what looked like printer paper, and soiled, ratty socks. While we choose what to wear, he’s using all he has to survive the freeze and doesn’t have enough. Doesn’t know if he ever will. Just hopes to live to see Spring. Pick two things to implement this week. Do you prioritize self-care? Via: Mystic Witch Of The Moon