Who You Are

Once upon a time, at least six other different species of humans roamed the Earth (i.e the Neanderthals, Hobbits, Denisovans…). All of them went extinct except for yours truly, us. A key factor in their demise was our race depleting their food supply when we migrated throughout the world. We are Homo Sapiens; our ability to work as a team to hunt and gather is how we’ve survived. Together we are quicker, faster, smarter. When I read this chapter in Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind I gave everyone on the subway the side eye, our ancestors were killers. Sidenote read Sapiens if you want more information on how we came to be.

It’s no wonder we are social creatures in constant need of companionship, we crave that tribal bond, it’s in our genetic coding. We need each other. Sometimes the need to belong leads to some low places with low vibrating people. It brings out a lesser version of you just to feel the validation of fitting it. Look around you. Look at your social circle. Significant other. Coworkers. Family members who might be toxic. Do you love who you are when you’re with them? Are you dimming your light to fit in? Dumbing yourself down? Behaving poorly?

Don’t be a low quality version of yourself to be in the in crowd, love yourself and you’ll attract a better tribe. You are the energy you put out, raise your vibration and your standards. The universe will match it with people who make you feel good. Photo: Were Not Really Strangers