The Pleasures Of Pizza

We spent a long day down by the lake, doing all sorts of fun filled activities. When we finally returned to our rented out lodge, it’s floor to ceiling glass windows, framing resplendent views of the woods and the water, we were drained. Everyone was hungry, everyone was too tired to cook. Not one person in the group of 13 could lift a finger, except to call the nearest pizza place. Anybody who doesn’t like pizza is soulless, the topping preferences vary, of course.

Just as the top of the first box is lifted revealing pepperoni, peppers and red onions.

I wake up.

Furious I try in vain to go back, but my subconscious has moved on. The worst incomplete dreams:

  • Sex Dreams
  • Food Dreams
  • Shopping Sprees
  • About to go on vacation

What was your last incomplete dream? Photo: Cult Classic