The Difference Between Gaslighting & Disagreements

Someone messaged me yesterday asking about the difference between emotional invalidation and gaslighting. Emotional invalidation is when your feelings are minimized, judged or rejected. Gaslighting is when someone makes you question your reality & sanity.
Now disagreements are fine, gaslighting is abuse. Above is the difference. Do you gaslight others? Have you been gaslighted? Artist: Amy Tran- Doodled Wellness

Are You Being Invalidated Emotionally?

Being emotionally invalidated is frustrating. Personally I’ve had to set boundaries with people who do this. I got sick of being understanding and never understood. Some people do it intentionally, feeling inadequate with their own lives, or competitive, rather than be a support you need. Pull back or cut them off for your own wellbeing. Have you been emotionally invalidated? Do you emotionally invalidate others? Why? Creator: Healing Notes