The Best Boondocks Episodes

The Boondocks is hands down one of the best animated series to ever be created, ever. It started off as one of the Sunday funnies I grew up on. When Aaron McGruder got the television deal I was hyped. For those of you unfamiliar with this pillar of the culture, it’s based on the misadventures of brothers Huey and Riley Freeman, who move into white suburbs with their grandad, after the death of their parents. Both characters are voiced by Regina King, who truly doesn’t get enough credit for this feat.
Huey is “politically sapient, and borderline militant…a self-described revolutionary left-wing radical who regularly reflects upon current events, as well as the plight of African Americans, as it relates to greater American society.”* As opposed to younger brother Riley, who admires rappers and gangsters, rather than revolutionaries. Riley is also highly intelligent, but uses his smarts for all the wrong things.

Although I have qualities of both, out of the two I’m definitely more Riley, just a nigga for no reason. To know me is to know this. I never said I was about shit, ya feel me?
In honor of Black History Month, here are the best episodes of The Boondocks in my opinion:
-Riley Wuz Here: Riley is mentored by beloved painter Bob Ross, who turns out to be far more woke and rebellious than expected. Together they make anonymous masterpieces around Woodcrest.
-Guess Hoes Coming To Dinner: Grandad, voiced by icon John Witherspoon, falls in love with a sexy young woman. Except he misses the glaringly obvious fact that she’s a hoe. Huey & Riley go through great lengths to prove it. Katt Williams makes an unforgettable cameo in this episode.
-The S Word: Riley, Grandad and Rev. Rollo Goodlove, get media attention when Riley’s teacher uses the n word. His teacher is white and they plan on suing. Thus begins the debate over what consequences should be had, if any.
-Grandad Dates A Kardashian: Okay so, this is only here due to the accuracy of that demonic family’s portrayal. The fake asses, lies, attention seeking, and need to leech off black culture like slave owners is spot on. It’s so, so fucking accurate.
-Freedomland: Grandad spends all of Huey & Riley’s money, leaving them indebted to Ed Wuncler. A reoccurring character, who now owns their home. As payment he forces them to work in his slavery themed park, “Freedomland.” Quite possibly my favorite episode of all time.
-The Passion Of Reverend Ruckus: Uncle Ruckus, a self hating black man (think Kanye, think Kodak Black), who claims to be infected with re-vitiligo, preaches on behalf of white Jesus. After having a dream where Ronald Regan greets him in “white heaven,” he doubles down on his disdain for black people. Spreading the word of white supremacy he gains a following.
-Return Of The King: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. awakes from a coma to find the current state of the culture isn’t what he dreamed of.

A satirical cartoon, the plots and characters are based on true events and people. The series is now on HBOMax. Watch it. You’re welcome. What are your favorite episodes? Via: Blk_Success


Notes On Degrassi

Rewatching Degrassi: The Next Generation trying to figure out why this show is so damn good. And here are some of my notes:
-Jimmy, that nigga Ric shot you with his eyes closed…what?
-Ellie, Marco was minding his business, you messaged him anonymously. He did lead you and Hazel on though…everybody messy.
-Manny & Craig were it from jump, so the cheating wasn’t out of nowhere. Craig is the reason she turned into slutty Thong Manny, when he played her by the lockers. He dead told her he didn’t like her, in that episode of their first date. She reminded him too much of his baby sister. It’s a cold world.
-Hazel was wyling for that terrorist chic fashion ticket, even the white women were offended. Then, then she spray paints TERRORIST on the chicks project…meanwhile she’s Muslim.
-Craig was always off, running on railroad tracks and what not. Sean a wild nigga, but even he was like what…
-Jimmy was often the voice of reason, be it hate crimes, or Marco’s sexuality. Wheelchair Jimmy my nigga for life.
-Emma was always on one. Just like continuously out of pocket and in grown folks business. Girl, had your mama been black, whew chile.
-Paige was better than I recalled, she held Ashley accountable and supported Terri’s plus sized modeling. She’s a good friend.
-Terri was gorgeous.

Those are my note thus far. This show remains in our hearts, because they’re straight savage. I mean it really goes there, my mouth was dropping at some of these scenes. I implore you watch this show stoned whilst taking notes and you’ll double over in laughter. Wine will do too. What’s the wildest scene you remember? Via: Consequence