Tell Me Your Story…

I know you’re not boring (can’t help but put music in everything). This is really a space for everyone. Adulthood is a passage we all must sojourn in this ephemeral thing called life. By sharing our trials, tribulations and points of view, we can navigate it together.

I’m honored that my friend will be the first to post an experience and would be humbled if you felt the same.

So submit what you want others to understand, a new way of seeing things, your unique perspective to! This is a place to heal through compassion, kindness and introspection. Also writing is insanely therapeutic. You don’t have to use your real name, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. You need different notes to create harmony, not just my one key. Remember your voice matters. Photo: Light And Text

Light And Text

Spending time alone is essential for my mental health. I need time to recharge and nourish my soul. Listening to music, journaling, reading, drinking wine, watching a movie, a long bath…When’s the last time you unplugged to recharge? What did you do?