Mick Jagger Love Poems

Love bombing: a form of psychological and emotional abuse that involves a person going above and beyond for you in an effort to manipulate you into a relationship them.
That’s how my relationship with Mick Jagger started, him romancing me, knowing that I worshipped him. He waxed poetic to me the same way he did Marsha Hunt (read Time Stamping Ronnie Wood), who sold those letters to his chagrin, when he failed to help her receive cancer treatment.Typical Mick. A total money obsessed, power hungry, controlling, callous, psychopath, asshole.
He also wrote love poems when he was trying to get back in my good graces. Michael is what I called him when we were in a relationship. I blocked him after copious chances of redemption. Naturally he got another number to message me on, which I titled Mick 2. He continued to emotionally and financially abuse me, under the guise of making amends. This is what he does, had I looked into his birth astrology I’d have seen the red flags of a Gemini, Leo, Taurus filled chart; a fucking mess.
Mick thought I was stupid, but I’ll save those messages of him expressing how he felt upon seeing me in 2016 at Miss Lily’s for later. He abuses women, because it’s a game to him. That’s why the almighty allowed an ugly, mentally unstable, satanist to ruin his life (read Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). You’re now reaping what you sow asshole. You won’t do this to anyone else. For a deeper understanding of satanic glamour magic watch The Love Witch on Peacock. Via: ItsJQBoo