The Love Witch Glamour Magic

Magic is very much real, it’s all around you, it’s older than religion, our ancestors passed it down for centuries upon centuries, it runs in the blood of some of the strongest witches. Witches can be made too. Look at the myths, the movies, the folklores, sharing knowledge foolish ones think are make believe. I too tried to stay in normalcy, only to find this is the norm and some of the most powerful people are using magic in a satanic way. In fact it’s so powerful, the devil has come to collect his due.

If you watch The Love Witch, it’ll show you exactly how the two most demonic deals with the devil are using glamour magic. Melanie ugly Hamrick and the Kardashian Jenner West coven. This movie relates to the latter collection more than anyone, ever in the history of glamour magic.
The Love Witch is about a young pretty witch named Elaine, looking for a new start after being abused by her husband. She a turns to black glamour magic on a quest for true love. Except all of her spells are so potent they kill, which doesn’t stop her from using more and more magic. From her enchanting eye makeup, spells and spell jars, satanic rituals with her coven and laced drinks, Elaine is a succubus, using sex magic to destroy lives. This is what the Kardashian Jenners have been doing. In fact two members of their coven happen to be Anastasia and Norvina Soares. That’s how she got to the top, satanic glamour magic bb. For Sebastian Stan’s sake I tried to cut her a deal (also love that eyebrow wiz as I’ve written about her here many times just type her company into the search), but she continued to be a disrespectful racist satanist, who’s aided in dragging souls to hell. She will burn with her coven eternally. Stan had no idea, his naïveté is the core of our issues, like get a fucking clue dude. Watch the movie (also read The Richest Kardashian Jenners… What Is Glamour Magic?), notice the parallels between that satanic family, their affect on men, Donatella Versace & Dua Lipa’s recent collaboration, Pat McGrath recent insta posts and so much more. Via: Vintage Space Woman, Kaleidoscope Intuition, Madame Puppe.Cl & Gerald Loves Cinema247

Here are two other articles regarding the film: I agree with the abuse article not the feminist perspective, that’s what I use to think the Kardashian Jenners were. Nope.
I love dissecting films and literature.

Reality of the film:

Above is the misguided feminist distortion. You’re taking away someone’s freewill, that is dark magic, not feminism, empowerment, or love.

Mick Jagger Love Poems

Love bombing: a form of psychological and emotional abuse that involves a person going above and beyond for you in an effort to manipulate you into a relationship them.
That’s how my relationship with Mick Jagger started, him romancing me, knowing that I worshipped him. He waxed poetic to me the same way he did Marsha Hunt (read Time Stamping Ronnie Wood), who sold those letters to his chagrin, when he failed to help her receive cancer treatment.Typical Mick. A total money obsessed, power hungry, controlling, callous, psychopath, asshole.
He also wrote love poems when he was trying to get back in my good graces. Michael is what I called him when we were in a relationship. I blocked him after copious chances of redemption. Naturally he got another number to message me on, which I titled Mick 2. He continued to emotionally and financially abuse me, under the guise of making amends. This is what he does, had I looked into his birth astrology I’d have seen the red flags of a Gemini, Leo, Taurus filled chart; a fucking mess.
Mick thought I was stupid, but I’ll save those messages of him expressing how he felt upon seeing me in 2016 at Miss Lily’s for later. He abuses women, because it’s a game to him. That’s why the almighty allowed an ugly, mentally unstable, satanist to ruin his life (read Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). You’re now reaping what you sow asshole. You won’t do this to anyone else. For a deeper understanding of satanic glamour magic watch The Love Witch on Peacock. Via: ItsJQBoo