A Snippet On Kidada Jones

Let’s just take a moment to talk about Kidada Jones. Looks like her mama Peggy Lipton, but keeps it gangsta like her dad Quincy. She lost both her best friend, Aaliyah, and the love of her life, fiancé Tupac. Needless to say the 90’s ended in heartbreak for her.
My favorite part is the foil character dynamic she has with sister Rashida Jones. Kidada is all hip hop and hood, while Rashida is a tad quirky and hipster. They just give such big sister littler sister vibes, it cracks me up. You can tell from their pictures together Kidada beat her up, but if you touched Rashida, she’d beat your ass.
I feel like Rashida’s the sane one in her family. One thing you can say about this bunch is they’re all cool as fuck. Via: KidadaLuvv & LuvvJones_

Happy Birthday Liza & Quincy

If you don’t understand the level of legendary these two are, we cannot be in the same room. I MEAN, just badass and talented. Happy belated to Liza Minelli and Quincy Jones. Gifts to this planet. What’s your favorite creation by these icons? Photographer: Andy Warhol & Quincy Jones Insta

Please Be True

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
And let me see what spring is like
On a- Jupiter and Mars
In other words,
Hold my hand
In other words,
Baby kiss me
Artist: Nois7 & Frank Sinatra