Georgia May Hates Black People

Why did Cara Delevingne get cursed out on Rihanna’s wall? Because I’ve given her a chance, grateful she healed me and she’s too white to read the room. How dare you repost racist, big faced, small brained Georgia May Jagger, whose silver spoon comes from black culture? Then had the nerve to get her reposted on a black blog. How fucking dare both of you? You literally see her being racist towards ASAP Rocky, you read the article (read Georgia May Jagger Is A Racist). The first photo is her being equally racist to another black male. Purse on her lap, body language stiff, meanwhile she’s the complete opposite with this white man. Laughing, turned towards him, purse on her lap, because a nigger isn’t going to steal it, with her equally racist, big faced, small brained mother. Jerry the hick Hall. Cara is on her last leg, your ethnicity and Aryan looks make you my priority of people to teach lessons to. You guys are going to experience reverse racism, courtesy of a Goddess and Queen Witch. Now you’ll know how it feels to be marginalized based on your genetics. Try me.
Georgia hates black people so much, like her siblings, she aided in a felony of the Karen who was going to kill her, ugly, murderer, rapist, Melanie no talent Hamrick (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick), to incarcerate the black person who saved her.

IDGAF nor will I tolerate entitled whites, especially mediocre basic ones. This is your karma. It always comes.

As you can see Mick Jagger’s kids were a huge reason I left his old ass. Also why they got kicked out of his the will. Trash, psychopathy, pedophilia, racism, talentless, abuse, murder, soul sells etc…(Murdaugh’s vibes)Hate them is an understatement. It’s just funny how like their family friends the Hilfiger’s you use black culture for profit, but you’re racist af. Just like the Kardashian Jenner West family, be it breeding black kids like plantation owners (sorry Chris Rock you aren’t that funny the older I’ve gotten, yawn), appropriating our culture from music to aesthetic and more. I’m not Naomi Campbell, Kanye the coon, Alvin Bragg, all of Destiny’s Child, I don’t tolerate that shit. I know how magical black people are, too bad most of us don’t and let them profit off us, while we gain no generational wealth.
I will show no mercy for those who participated and sided with the abuse of a black woman, who was kind, to near death. The price you’re about to pay, you can’t afford. Enjoy your time, you can’t buy more and when it’s up it’s eternal flames. Burn in hell, from my ancestors lips to Gods ears. Via: Getty Images

Georgia May Jagger Is A Racist

And the last ass beating of the day goes to Georgia May Jagger, the big faced, small brained racist. Look at her clutching her purse as if ASAP Rocky is going to steal it, can’t stand this bitch. She’s so stupid and full of it, how you both? Pick a struggle. You my dingbat are aligned with both devil’s collections, all to antagonize me. Look whose laughing now. Not only is your reputation going to be destroyed, your lifespan is one of the shortest.
So funny you and Naomi the sex trafficking madame don’t believe in bullying. Yet you both bullied me. Performative activist. For your dad to think I’m coming back when he helped abuse me, he’s senile; I’m not your mom, I have dignity and intellect. That’s what he gets listening to you and your trash family.

She had SOOOO much to say about me with her pea sized brain and mediocre, nepo-baby accomplishments. What have you earned without Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger to ever run you basic white mouth about me? NOTHING, NOT A THING. ASAP has more money than your kicked out the will for betraying your father who gave you everything ass. You’ve ruined both your parents relationships, exposing you before sending you to hell is the chef’s kiss. If anyone thinks I’m joking about jailing Mick Jagger, Ronnie & Sally Wood, Rupert Murdoch, Jade Jagger and Jerry, you aren’t thinking. All your behavior worked in my favor. If I find something where Georgia, Lucas Jagger, Brett Grace, the Hilfiger’s, anyone who helped Melanie deformed Hamrick in recent months cover up a murder, I’ll press charges against you too. You’re an accessory to murder and perjury. Bitch Mick Better Have My Money, try me. I saved your lives, so did L’wren Scott, but you’re a family of psychopaths possessing no empathy, or sympathy, only cruel, entitled behavior. Is it still funny? I’m the only one laughing and that murderer, rapist, stalker is still in my stories, still hitting on me. All of you are jokes. Remember I was kind and minding my business, you earned what’s coming. Via: Getty Images

Melanie Hamrick Will Never Be Beautiful

Mick Jagger, would never in a million years choose Melanie ugly Hamrick, especially over L’wren Scott. She is the ugliest person he’s ever been linked to. Honestly after looking at these photos he should disown everyone in his friends and family circle. This is why you need real people around, not parasites who kiss your ass cc: Tommy Hilfiger and his family, Brett Trailer trash Grace, and all the other users. I’m the only one in the fucking building to tell him the truth, Melanie is ugly and you’re wayyyyyyyyyyy out of her league. Meanwhile friends, family and fans who are fake af let an icon walk around with an entire deformed, bad body, bad hair, bad skin, nobody on his arm (it’s like the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where the blind guy dates that ugly girl who told him she’s a model, magic being the blindness). People who genuinely love you don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear for your betterment. Thank God I’m a real one, it solved a crime and prevented more deaths. I’m the only person who actually cared about and took care of him. No wonder he won’t let me go.

Melanie Hamrick is a stalker, murderer, rapist, satanist who grew up unpopular due to her looks, which also serves as a detriment to her career. Which is why even a legend can’t help her. Women are expected to be beautiful at all cost as the minimum. With her career going nowhere (no talent), she got desperate. She wanted to be L’wren Scott who was everything she isn’t: beloved, gorgeous, successful, cool, stylish, talented in everything she did. This mentally disturbed black magician took her life and tried to be her, knowing exactly how close she lived from her. How many times did you watch them from afar?

Born ugly to a point where she needs surgery, (which again is why her career is collecting child support from a murder rape baby Mick doesn’t want) she is desperate to be seen as sexy. Always talking about being a pretty ballerina in articles she pays people to publish, she submitted these photographs to a site called These are some of the most disgusting pictures I’ve ever seen, liming how unattractive she is. Funny she’s always talking about being young, except Luciana Gimenez like L’Wren, is older than you and both are prettier. Luciana eats your deformed face UP. Both of them have no makeup on, with wet hair post swimming; only one of them is beautiful.
Luciana is hot Melanie is not, which is why the former has a career as a host, model, influencer and the latter collects child support checks on an unwanted baby.
One of them has been with other powerful suitors like all of Mick’s consensual picks, the other can’t get anyone without black magic. I feel bad he was raped by this thing and horrified she planned on doing it to me. I literally want to vomit in my mouth. Light plays on Luciana’s features and gets swallowed in the crevices of Melanie’s.

Her desire to be seen as what she isn’t, pretty, is why I remind her of reality. You will never be pretty without intense plastic surgery. You’re a weirdo, an unattractive freak, in no world are you better than L’wren Scott. Mick’s kids should all be kicked out of his will for this alone. Anyone who said she was suitable for a legend doesn’t care about him. I’m the only person who had his back (too bad he didn’t have mine).
I knew Georgia May Jagger was off when she posted a story captioned- this is what goes on in my brain. It was all scribbled graffiti, like a bad acid trip. I literally thought, this bitch weird af, a screw is missing, but I was devoted to my idol and saved them. His kids are idiots and have done nothing but help ruin his life, legacy, and reputation.
Melanie you better sell my house in Florida, I don’t want it. It’s ugly. What other assets besides that and child support will you have for my $9 million dollar lawsuit?
Guess what, you’re paid cents in jail and I’ll take every cent you make. Clink clink ugly, better have my money. Get to work and remember guys don’t sell your soul to the devil, he always comes to collect. You’ll end up broke in prison.
She’ll live in the shadow of me and L’Wren Scott forever. Fake fans, fake friends, trash family of Mick’s, enjoy your time, hell isn’t fun.

Melanie Hamrick’s Blood Ritual Spell

Yesterday in my stories on my main account, I posted this picture asking if you noticed anything. Not just her ratty hair, sloppy body, and unattractive profile. Nope, this photo was from the staged ones last tour in Miami. Remember? When she pretended to be his girlfriend to promote her show. Even though he didn’t spend any time with her, nor the murder rape baby by the pool. Melanie Hamrick, desperate to put Mick Jagger back under her spells resorted to blood magic.

Look at her shoulder, below I enhanced it using instagram filters. She got this tattoo in white ink hoping no one would notice.
I did. It’s a tattoo of 70’s Mick, with bangs. The cut on her hand was for the blood supply. My beauty was enough to break the black magic, she needed to get him back under her control. Mick had no idea until I told him.
Why the tattoo?

Because pictures are very powerful when casting spells. Tattoos even more so, since it’s adding a sigil to your body. Blood fuels sigils (I don’t know why it says text, but since it highlights her cut I’ll leave it).

Melanie Hamrick is a satanist, who has murdered, raped and stalked to get what she wants. She’s remorseless and the definition of evil. Mick would never choose her over L’wren Scott, or at all. He’s a psychopath, superficial, he only likes beauty. To look like Melanie you would have to mutilate your face. She had plans on murdering his children for her murder rape baby to inherit his fortune and of raping me like she did Mick. She was going to take away my freewill and make me her girlfriend. L’wren Scott DID NOT WANT TO DIE. She cried trying to get back into her body. Sally Wood, his children, the Hilfiger’s, Brett Grace the parasite, and so many more are the shit stains of this world. You aligned with her, with racism, with murder, rape, and the demonic, face your fate. You chose this. Look where antagonizing a goddess got you (you needed me for protection, I say NO), in the devil’s collection, because he always takes more than you can afford. The devil always comes to collect.

Part of me wishes I never saved them, but then L’wren wouldn’t get justice and I wouldn’t be legendary. I get to be rich, the one that got away, a hero, all without being tied down with a psychopath baby, in a family of psychopaths, which the Jagger’s are. Alvin Bragg is a menace to society, just like her.

Answers To My Saint_Twenty Post

1. On my main account itsjqboo, I posted a photo of Justice Sotomayor, (on Dec 15th 2021) warning the Supreme Court of the universal consequences concerning Roe Vs. Wade. Abortion rights are human rights. Limiting the life options of women, forcing them to have unwanted children, will cause mental and emotional trauma for both mother & child. This could result in physical abuse to product of rape, incest, or other miscellaneous trauma, as well. Not to mention the financial strain placed on the mother, when women don’t receive equal pay. Such women will need government assistance to survive, assistance that will stigmatize them as bums who take handouts, assistance the government detest giving. Money that will come out of our tax dollars. This aid should include therapy for the mother and child, who were forced into a family by the government, no doubt creating psychological trauma. Some women change their minds, keeping the baby, let that be their choice to make.

2. Mick Jaggers Archive, has the soon to be released proof.

3. The Kardashian Jenner West family. Kekel Kardashian.

4. Your lifespan is cut short and horrible things will still happen to you. Family included, be mindful of your kids.

5. Virgil Abloh, André Leon Talley, Thierry Mugler. Only André was in my protection, heaven.

6. To find all the evidence on Melanie Hamrick, after ignoring Mick saying she’s evil and Lwren Scott showing me what happened to her, I connected to her energy.

7. Communicate with the dead/ connect to people’s energy/ see into the future. Other answers are acceptable, but these are the ones I’ve said pay attention to openly.

8. Georgia May Jagger. The Hilfigers. Brett Grace. All I are aligned with both black magicians.

9. Zombie Keef is the account the Kardashian Jenner West coven started about Mick, calling him a pedo. Specifically Kanye West. Yup Mick’s own kids support a family that’s said horrific things about their dad, on multiple occasions. On top of supporting what he called a negative connection, by an evil person in his life. They completely disrespect him, but these are his friends and family? Sign me up…that’s SARCASM to the highest degree.


Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft, but by blood I’m Queen of witches, which is why I was able to take away Melanie and her covens powers. I’m Athena.

-Engaging in their energy, liking photos, commenting, posting photos, wearing their products…pouring your energy into them in support of evil. These people are satanist, who draw power from Satan, who made deals with the devil. They are soulless.

-Energy is the most important currency. What you give you get in return. Engaging/interactions is exchanging energy. The KJW coven is stealing your energy to power their own, that’s why talentless reality stars are the most powerful family in the world. Whatever energy you give to me I will give back to you multiplied by three (minimum). Energy is everything.

*Questions are on my Saint Twenty account, in the caption of this photo. Via: Google

Melanie Hamrick Is A Liar, Murderer & Rapist

Let’s start with the opportunist staging photos of a miserable Mick Jagger, to promote her ballet show. All from the last day of a tour she forced herself on using her murder rape baby. As you can see she writes articles boasting herself as talented, young, beautiful, matching her comments as Lisa Marie, where she disrespects Lwren Scott, who she murdered with black magic saying he wasn’t happy with her. Youth doesn’t surpass beauty for superficial Mick Jagger and Melanie isn’t beautiful. Certainly not more so than Lwren at any age.

I want Georgia May, her social climbing racist friend Brett Grace, all the Hilfiger’s, anyone else of the Jagger’s, and beyond who aligned with her to spite me, or at all, to know you deserve your karma. Lwren saved the Jagger’s lives and this is how you repay her? Allowing an ugly nobody to disrespect her? My mistake was not letting her take you OUT before taking her powers, I won’t make the mistake thrice. The Jagger’s were hell bound when I entered, hell bound when Melanie was going to take them out and now I won’t save them from the karma they accrued, fate is fate.

Melanie is 35, as she turned 31 in 2017 and we are in the year 2021. She clings to youth, because she’s ugly. Murdering and raping to still be a failed ballerina since age five. Even when he pulls away he still doesn’t cuddle her. Melanie being young and unattractive, has no interested suitors, which is why no one has to break into her social media to see who she’s talking to. So she clings to her rape victim for fame.