Bravo’s Biggest Liar

Until looking at the comments of this post, I didn’t realize how many liars are on Bravo! People were just rattling off names, leaving me deceased. Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Jax Taylor, but the two names that rung the truest to me: Brooks and Jen Shah, in that order. Literally Brooks lied about cancer, cancer. Was his then girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson in on it? This left viewers divided, as we watched Brooks ruin the relationships with her friends and family. What I do know is Vicky was 100% dickmatized; her kids were her life, she was borderline overbearing, so for her to turn on Brianna takes addiction.
The second biggest liar is Jen Shah, she lied until she took that plea deal. The level of emotion she gave for that lie is bonkers, I’m talking tears, indignant speeches, guilt trips, rage…she needed to go to jail. I know she punched Heather Gay, who kept quiet as not to add to her sentence.
That’s it, there is no number three. Trying to place the rest in order is too much mental work, it’d take a power point presentation with a picture of each culprit next to their lies. How do you even rate it afterwards? The quantity of lies told, or how big the lie was? Do truth’s cancel out the lies (Jax lied A LOT, but he also told the truth on others who were lying)? Bravo, bravo, fucking bravo! Who is the biggest liar to you? Via: Housewife Haikus