Vintage Beauty Illustration

“Why do women always have to do such unpleasant things? Heels, thongs, shaving, plucking, bleaching. It’s really not fair.”

Artist: René Bouché

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Sassafras Julia is the black sheep of her family; self-absorbed, with big dreams of being a well-traveled, childless writer, she doesn’t understand why her parents crossed the border to be sated by poverty. The exact opposite of her older sister Olga, selfless, obedient and content to stay home until becoming a mother. Olga never questions their parents choices, honoring them by helping around the house, going to church on Saturday nights and contributing financially. When Olga, who serves as the diffuser of household contention, dies, it emphasizes the chasms between the remaining members of the Reyes family.

Julia, spotting a sobbing stranger at the funeral, rummages through her sister’s belongings only to discover Olga isn’t as perfect as she appeared. Making it her mission to find out what her sister was hiding, Julia ends up finding out a lot more about herself. The themes of this book include: classism, access to opportunity, family secrets, intergenerational and cross-cultural understanding, immigration, The American Dream, mental health and identity. Author Erika L. Sãnchez’s voice enthralls from page one. Delighted that America Ferrera will be directing this movie for Netflix. Worth the read. Will you be watching the movie, reading the book, or both? Via: Fiction Matters

Book Covers Are Symbolic

“I love the smell of old bookstores– paper, knowledge, and probably mildew. I hate the cliché that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, because covers say so much about what’s inside. Take The Great Gatsby, for instance– the woman’s melancholic face against the city lights in the distance is the perfect representation of the quiet misery of that era. Covers matter. Those who don’t think so are full of crap. I mean I wear band T-shirts for a reason. Lorena wears leopard-print spandex for a reason.”

Artist: Reyna Noriega