The Story Of Lot’s Wife

Yes god forgives, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want and be saved. A lot of you need to reread the story Lot’s wife, because that’s the type of time we on. God said but once, if you look back at the burning city you’ll turn into a pillar of salt. The first time I read it I was certain he would turn her back, god forgives, nah shorty was done by her own freewill and disobedience. Many times god forgives and test you after, to fail again means you’re making a mockery, god is also wrathful. It blows my mind when people think they can do so much real pure evil, karma free. Err on the side of good, because you reap what you sow. These stories are passed down for a reason. What was the last good deed you did? When was the last time you didn’t listen and regretted it? Via: The Squashed Stories