To Be Treated Right

Respect is a requirement.
Anyone who makes you feel bad for wanting to be treated properly isn’t someone who belongs in your life. Before a trip to Paris I allowed people I grew up with to mistreat me, feeling that years equated to undying loyalty. On multiple occasions I’ve given them the opportunity to prove they can change, but again they took my kindness for weakness and continued to exhibit poor behavior. If someone genuinely cares about you this won’t be a problem. If it is, have enough self-love to walk away.

No matter who the person is, they’re not entitled to degrade you for their empowerment. Not family. Not friends. Not employers, or co-workers. Not unscrupulous celebrities. I have every right to defend myself against those who’ve picked on me, antagonized me, been complicit, told lies about me, back racist to spite even though they profit off injustice (your karma will come), lied on me…I did NOTHING wrong, they did. I will give the same energy, showing no mercy. Are there people making you feel bad for asking to be treated properly? Artist: The Female Warhol

Especially For The Women

It seems obvious but it’s not. As long as you’re moral, transparent and not hurting anybody go do you. Stop letting society restrict, or confine you…bitch. Are you a people pleaser? Why? Via: The Female Warhol

Ever Evolving Karmic

“Yeah, I cheated twice.”

I asked him to tell me the truth.
Told him that I wouldn’t get mad, but I needed to know.

“Did you ever cheat on me?”

I knew he did, I practically saw it with my own eyes when those girls responded to his Craigslist ad, with scantily clad bikini photos. I saw it when I broke into his Facebook, checking his inbox where a woman demanded to know “Sexy, why haven’t you answered me?” Speaking to my boyfriend, who I live with as if he were hers. Most cloying was his reply, the need to explain, she’s someone he answered to. After his confession I kicked him out. We were suppose to have a fresh start after a couple of years apart, but if I didn’t ask he wouldn’t have told me. This was not something that weighed heavy on his soul, he didn’t feel bad for his betrayal.

He would do it again.

When he left I was destroyed for a couple of days, because I knew he cheated far more than what he said. There could never be trust between us, we were ruined. On the last day of my soul purging our karmic adieu the lesson came.

How we started is how we should end. I cheated on my boyfriend Luis to be with Mike, so it was only fitting that the same should happen to me, times three. This was my karma. This is how the universe confirmed it’s pulsating, energetic, ever-evolving karmic presence. I never cheated again.

Karma is both good and bad, one will always reap what they sow, the longer it takes the worst it will be. The longer it takes the better it will be. Sometimes we are the victims of our own hands, who need to take accountability. Thinking back to bad times objectively, can you see a possibility of experiencing karma, for something you’ve done wrong prior? Photo: The Female Warhol